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    Key Pals Viewfinder Keychain, Green

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    Our Key Pals are here!
    Our Key Pal viewfinder keychains are an elevated greeting card that you can take with you everywhere and hold up to the light when you want to think of the person who gave it to you, or just as a daily greeting for yourself.
    “Vintage is the new “new!” That has been our motto around the store for over a decade.
    Technology continues to influence how fast we live, but it has slowly rendered many once beloved forms of itself obsolete. We are nostalgia junkies and constantly searching for how we can, even for a moment, bring ourselves back in time. Viewfinder key chains were once popular souvenirs that use nothing but light passing through slide film to create a view into a tiny world in front of your eyes.
    For our debut collection we are focusing on warm and fuzzy feelings because what could be better than a souvenir of love and friendship (expressed with cats and dogs).
    Just hold up to the brightest light, close one eye & look inside.

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